G-Agent Released!

Galactic Citizens, G-Agents are being dispatched to your location.  Get the latest update and play as G-Agent in Punch Planet on Steam Early Access!

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Punch Planet on Patreon



Join us for a behind the scenes look into the development of Punch Planet.  All of our community content will be free of charge but If you are interested in participating in fan polls or showing support for the Patreon, there are $1, $5, and $10 dollar tiers available with special roles and colors for Discord.  More tier rewards coming soon!

Since Punch Planet is already in Early Access and on track to release, your donations go towards making it the best game it can be. These donations truly mean a lot to us and we look forward to bringing you new and fun community content!

Punch Planet at NEC18

Punch Planet ran its first Major side tournament at NEC18.  Congratulations to Moons for taking first place!